Making Straight the Way of the Lord


 He said, I am a voice of one crying in the wilderness,

"Make straight the way of the Lord" as Isaiah the prophet said-

- John 1:23 -



Two Conflicting Visions   


"Today the church life is undergoing turmoil. To my dismay, I see the possibility of division. This causes great grief to me. I have spent many hours praying and seeking the Lord as to the cause. While I am just a little brother in God’s hand, I feel that the root cause is a significant difference in our visions concerning practical oneness. What is currently taught about oneness and what I initially experienced entering the church life are not the same."

   D. S.   2006



 How to Become a Denomination   


"Brother Lee stood with the Bible. We should not add tests for fellowship that would demand uniformity in either doctrine or practice. To do so would destroy “the oneness of the Body of Christ.” He says, “If we are unclear about receiving the believers, we shall damage the church life and cut it into pieces... If we are not careful about receiving the saints, the church will be mutilated.” (LS Romans #28, pp 329-330)

   D. S.   2006



 Called Into the Fellowship of His Son  


"Brother, after reading these statements I feel I need to remind you that 'God…has called us into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord' (1 Cor. 1:9), not into the fellowship of  any man, even Witness Lee."

   D. C.  2006



Concerning the Present Turmoil    


"The…ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee…is the New Testament ministry.The more these brothers believe that today they are God’s unique ministers, the less they will be able to tolerate anyone who ministers in the recovery without coming under their authority; hence their effort to excommunicate brother Titus and his co-workers. This is the real issue among us, and if we still care at all for the Lord’s recovery and His testimony, and desire to stand for it rather than for the ministry of the blending brothers, we will stand against their efforts to monopolize the ministry in the recovery."

   D. C.  2006



A Letter to the Saints in Chicago  


W. Nee:  "What havoc has been wrought in the Church because so many of her ministers have sought to bring the churches under their ministry, rather than by their ministry serve the churches. As soon as the churches are brought under any ministry, they cease to be local and become sectarian."

   D. C.   2007



Is the Recovery on the Road to Rome?   


"The Lord’s recovery began with Martin Luther’s stand against the Roman Catholic Church. After 500 years of recovery, the question arises: Are we returning1 to the city from which we departed? Is the recovery on the road which leads to Rome? Are there incipient tendencies reproducing traits of the Roman Catholic Church within the Lord’s recovery? This suggestion might seem far-fetched at first.  However, there have been subtle alterations in teaching and practice which may be harbingers of this trend. Here we highlight these changes by contrasting the “blended co-workers’” current teaching with Watchman Nee’s ministry which initiated the recent recovery."

   N. T 2006



Pushing the Envelope In the One Accord Teaching   


"We contrast the notion of “one accord” proposed by Bro. W. Lee and developed by LSM’s “blended brothers” with the “one accord” presented in the New Testament. LSM’s version is a “universal one accord of the whole Body,” including all the local churches worldwide; it is all-encompassing, requiring concord on all points. It is enforced by the “blended brothers’ decrees,” e.g. regarding “one publication” (June 2005) and quarantine (Oct.  2006). In contrast, one accord in Scripture is local; it is item-specific, allowing for diversity. Biblical one accord is inclusive, allowing liberty. It is produced by the Spirit, not legalistic decrees. However, LSM’s “one accord” is exclusive; it is achieved by subduing or quarantining “dissidents” to create a uniform “one accord” among the residual, “faithful remnant.” It produces intolerance, conformity and uniformity."

   N. T.   2007



Titus Chu's Letter to Paul Wu   


"-my beloved brother, be delivered from such disquiet. No matter what others will say about us, we are all the servants of the Lord; both we and our work are for the Lord. We desire only to be a servant who is joined, mingled, and incorporated with the Lord in the dispensing of the New Testament ministry. Many times in our experience, we may be misunderstood. But may all these cause us to live before the Lord even more." 

   T. C.   2004



GLA Brothers Correspondence


The following letters to the blending brothers were not made available to the saints on the "LSM website", www.afaithfulword.org


First Letter—June 12, 2005

Second Letter—September 24, 2005

Third Letter—February 28, 2006

Fourth Letter—September 10, 2006


Titus Chu's response to the Blended Co-workers - July 22, 2006.




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