History of Deviation

The Glory Years   

First chapter of a book in progress on local church history in America, by an early Texas elder.

"In 1962, there was a World’s Fair in Seattle, Washington. (The Space Needle was built on this occasion.) Witness Lee and his son, Timothy, had an exhibit at the fair. They displayed and attempted to sell manufactured goods from Taiwan. They had raised funds from members of the local churches in Taiwan. The endeavor was a failure and the products stored in a warehouse. The problems created by this business failure made it difficult for Witness Lee to return to the churches in Taiwan in good graces. But I believe this human failure opened the door for a blessing for many of the seeking Christians in the USA in those early years (since Witness Lee remained in this country as a result of the problem, and ministered.)"
         D. R.   2008


 Seeds of Deviation

Chapter two of Don's book brings out the seeds and signs of deviation in certain co-workers.

"In the church life at that time, Witness Lee was very much in the background among the churches. While we sought the Lord for our daily walk, family life, and function in the Body of Christ, Ray would constantly reference Witness Lee for all matters – personal, local, and extra-local. Ray often told others that they needed to be able to 'read between the lines'  of what Brother Lee was saying and 'hear what he really means' and that 'he does not tell you directly what he wants'. Ray was always bringing Witness Lee to the foreground in the church, a trend that only increased with time."      
        D. R. 2008                                                                                                                                                                                 



 A Timeline of the Path of Deviation

A timeline of local church history, mainly in America, showing the deviation in the Lord's recovery via overview. The following book, Deviating from the Path in the Lord's Recovery, covers the subject extensively.       S. I. 2006                                



Deviating from the Path in the Lord's Recovery

Plymouth Brethren and the Local Churches

We have the record of the Brethren and saw how division came in through the system of Darbyism, as people were excluded for not holding the right concepts.  They didn’t fit in with the assemblies that were united in a special unity around the world through Darby’s teachings. John Darby, accordingly, received the blame for this cutting off of fellow members from the fellowship of the Body.  

It is evident that the Brethren lacked love for maintaining their “brilliant unity” and in accommodating others for the building up of the Body of Christ. Their “Golden Age” was over in twenty years.  Unity, their top-most objective was broken.  As one of the Brethren leaders, lamented:

Our shame is public.  It requires no spirituality to see that exactly that which we have professedly sought, we have failed most signally.  "The unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace" is most surely what we have not kept. - FW Grant

Another brother observed,


The Brethren are remarkable people for rightly dividing the Word of Truth and wrongly dividing themselves!  -  Griffith Thomas


John Darby and the Brethren deviated from the right path of keeping the oneness of the Spirit with all the believers. So, too, Witness Lee and the local churches have had a deviation from their original path, as this book explains.

       S. I.  2005-2007

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